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Godwin Bradbeer | La Capitale Galerie

Godwin Bradbeer


Stark, simple, severe, spartan, sublime if possible. This, I would want my drawings to be.
A distillation of my perceptions of ourselves into images of static, silent and reverent meditation.’  I made this remark in 1998 and it is essentially consistent with my work since then. I can detect however that I am endeavouring to acquire an increased aspect of empathy, intimacy and compassion into my work in recent years and the drawings in this exhibition may show some trace of that. 
I engage a degree of restraint in this quest because emotional content readily becomes gratuitous and can easily lose its credibility and its veracity.
My manner of drawing is both conventional and idiosyncratic and it has emerged as a hybrid between the real and the ideal. I aspire to a truth that is elusive and a beauty that is enigmatic but we are trapped within our shadows and as artist I ricochet between describing in one moment our nobility and in the next our vulnerability and even our debasement.

Are we good? Or are we bad?
My men are as vulnerable as they are dangerous.
The pictures frequently risk the oppression of blackness, though the darkness in my work is intended to permit the possibility of radiant luminosity, just as stars and other universes are made visible by the cloak of night and diamonds emerge from the deepest and the densest carbon My evident subject is ourselves, the phenomenon and the miracle of our existence.
L’exposition “JOUR ET NUIT” (Day and Night) met en confrontation deux œuvres artistiques différentes,soit celle de Godwin Bradbeer avec le lyrisme de Nicol Rodriguez: Godwin dit: Même si diffèrent en style, il y a une unité de vision dans le langage pictural qui est fait de contraste. Peu importe la forme utilisée par chacun de NOUS, il y a le même  questionnement sur le balancier de la vie, entre le “oui et le non”…soit le définitif et donc sans le “peut-être”. 
Mes dessins peuvent sembler à la fois conventionnel dans un sens tout en étant assez particulier du fait de l’hybridation entre le réel et l’idéal. Ils comportent une vérité insaisissable qui s’allie à une beauté énigmatique tapie dans l’ombre de la vulnérabilité humaine et de son avilissement. 
Toutefois, ils renferment  en même temps les termes opposes tel que : vulnérabilité allie a puissance.
La touche sombre dans mon œuvre est intentionnelle afin de faire rejaillir du néant ou de l’enfer des points de brillance comme les étoiles scintillant dans le fonds de l’univers, ou comme les éclats du diamant depuis les  profondeurs extrêmes de la terre.
Toutefois, depuis cette récente interaction artistique avec Nicol, 
je sens déjà qu’un monde de création plus brillant en couleur s’est ouvert en moi-même.

Texte Godwin Bradbeer et Traduction Nicol Rodriguez 2019


1950 Born Dunedin, New Zealand  
1950 – 55  Glasgow, Scotland
1955 – 2018 Melbourne, Australia

1971 Higher Diploma of Sec. Ed. (Art/Craft) Melbourne Teachers College. (now University of Melbourne)
1984 Bach. Educ. (Art/Craft) Melbourne College of Advanced Education (now University of Melbourne)
1994 Master of Art RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

1972 – 82    Art teaching Victorian secondary schools.
1983 – 86    Melbourne Coll. Adv. Ed. Lecturer Drawing and Painting
1987 – 89    Victorian College of the Arts. Lecturer Drawing and Painting
1990 – 92    Philip Institute. Senior Lecturer and Head of Painting 
1993 – 98    Melbourne University Lecturer Drawing  (part time)
1993 – 98    Monash University Lecturer Drawing and Painting (part time)
1993 – 2005 RMIT University Lecturer Drawing. (and Painting Hong Kong Program 1999 – 2006 (part time)
2005 – 10     RMIT University, Senior Lecturer and Head of Drawing.
2012 – 13     Australian Academy of Design, Sessional Tutor Visual Art (part time)
2014 – 18    Guest artist/lecturer various institutions.

1977    Godwin Bradbeer – Recent Drawings, Stuart Gerstman Galleries, Melbourne, 
1979     Acts of Love, Stuart Gerstman Galleries, Melbourne, 
1981     Ghosts, Stuart Gerstman Galleries, Melbourne, 
1983     Empirical Memos, Stuart Gerstman Galleries, Melbourne,
1985     Catholic Sorrows, Gerstman- Abdallah Fine Art International, Melbourne,
1986     Black Drawings, Gerstman- Abdallah Fine Art International, Cologne, West  Germany
1987     Ash Cartoons,  Holdsworth Contemporary Galleries, Sydney- Ornaments of Mercy, Gerstman-AFine Art International, Melbourne, 
1990     Imitation of Light, David Ellis Fine Art, Melbourne, 
1992     An Illustrators Lullaby, David Ellis Fine Art, Melbourne.
1993     The Human Abstract, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne.  
1994     Empirical Paintings, R.M.I.T. Faculty Gallery, Melbourne.
1995     Disegno Interno, BMG Art, Adelaide, Drawings 1991-95- Fear of Painting, Paintings and Drawings. Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne. 
1998     Man of Errors, Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne-Verisimilitude, Victoria University Gallery, Melbourne. 
1999     Imago, John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong. 
1999 – 2000     Apologia,  Bulle Galleries, Melbourne.  
2000     Apologia/Olympia, BMG Art, Adelaide. 
2001     The Vessel of the Self, Photographs 1968-78, Bulle Galleries, Melbourne-P.Palmer Gallery, La Trobe University, Bendigo. 
2002     Godwin Bradbeer – Selected Works, Annandale Galleries, Sydne-
2004      Human Shield, MOA Gallery, H. Art Valley, Paju et Soul-Godwin Bradbeer -Works. Blacksphere Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne.
2005      Godwin BradbeerSelected Works Blacksphere Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne.
2006 –2008 ‘Godwin Bradbeer – The Metaphysical Body – A Survey’  Curator Kirsten Lacey  -Shepparton Regional Gallery, Vic. 
-McClelland Art Gallery and Sculpture Park,Vic. -Orange Regional Gallery, N.S.W  -Icon Museum of Art, Deakin University, Melb.,
Vic.-Latrobe Regional Gallery, Vic.  -Grafton Regional Gallery, N.S.W. -Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, N.S.W.
2007      ‘Aspects of the Metaphysical Body’ Annandale Galleries, Sydney.
2008      ‘Soliloquy’ James Makin Gallery, Melbourne.-‘Point Finale’ Drawing Space, RMIT University, Melbourne
2009      ‘Portraits in Exile’ Ardel Gallery of Modern Art, Bangkok, Thailand.
2010      ‘Gravitas’ James Makin Gallery, Melbourne.
2011      ‘Crimes Against Modernity’ Adelaide Central School of Art Gallery, Adelaide-‘Intermezzo’ James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
2012     ‘Tabula Rasa’  Langford 120 Gallery, Melbourne
2013      ‘Pentimenti’. James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
2014      ‘Godwin Bradbeer – Recent Drawings’ James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
2014 ‘     Godwin Bradbeer – Lithographs’ Exhibition and Launch, Port Jackson Press in conjunction with Lancaster Press, Melbourne
2015      ‘Delinquent Sublime – Early and Recent Work’ James Makin Gallery, Melbourne.
2016       Godwin Bradbeer’, James Makin Gallery, Art Stage, Singapore.
2017      ‘Episodes: Then and Now’ James Makin Gallery, Melbourne-‘Godwin Bradbeer: Stigma and Enigma’  Survey exhibition. Curator: James Lynch, Deakin University, Burwood Campus Melbourne-Godwin Bradbeer in Seoul’, Space Zero Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
2018     « Jour et nuit » avec Nicol Rodriguez, La Capitale Galerie, Paris

1971     Photographs – Warren Breninger and Godwin Bradbeer  Icarus Gallery, Melbourne 
1973     Warren Breninger and Godwin Bradbeer, Student Union, Monash University, Paintings and Drawings. Melbourne.  
1975     Mortal Trash is Immortal Diamond. Godwin Bradbeer and Warren Breninger. Brummells -Gallery of Photography, Melbourne
1976     Fragments of the Human Race, Godwin Bradbeer and Warren Breninger. Drawing and Sculpture. Gryphon Gallery, Melbourne. 
1976     Eyelid on Eyelid (with Warren Breninger and Jamie Bradbeer). Brummells Gallery  of Photography, Melbourne.
1978    The Way of Flesh, (with Rennie Ellis and Warren Breninger)  Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney
1978    Vitreous and Aqueous Humour, Photography and Printmaking, (with W. Breninger and Jamie Bradbeer), G. Gallery, Melbourne. 
1998     Facsimile,  Warren Breninger and Godwin Bradbeer. Project Space, RMIT, Melbourne. 
2000     Precieux Paradigms,  Westbank Gallery, Australian Academy of Design., Melbourne.- Bridget Heller and Godwin Bradbeer. 
2007     Lux in Tenebris Lucet  RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne. Inst. Drawings and Projected Works. Irene Barberis and G. Bradbeer
2009    The Axe Creek Project Peter Schipperheyn and Godwin Bradbeer Gallery Infinart, Axedale, Bendigo,  Victoria
2012     Men of Paper Christopher Orchard and Godwin Bradbeer. BMG Gallery, Adelaide
2014 c   Parallelo Christopher Orchard and Godwin Bradbeer, Adelaide Central School of Art Gallery, Adelaide

1968    Zetetic 2. Curators: Fred Cress/Ken Scarlett, Argus Gallery, Melbourne. 
1969     Student Works. Curators: Fred Cress/Ken Scarlett, Argus Gallery, Melbourne.  
1969     Strines Gallery, Director: Sweeney Reed. Melbourne, Group Exhibition.
1971     Recent Photography, Icarus Gallery, Directors: Ray Moon and Veronica Holland, Carlton, Melbourne.
1976     Récent A. Photography, through South-East Asia, Japan, Pakistan, India and Africa Department of F.Affairs – Touring Exhibition.
1977     George’s Invitation Prize, Melbourne.
1980     Acquisitions for the Philip Morris Collection (Photography), Art Gallery of South Australia.-Drawn and Quartered, Australian  
Contemporary Photography (Acquisitions), Art Gallery of South Australia,     
1983     The L.J Harvey Memorial Prize for Drawing. Queensland Art Gallery.-New Art,  N.G.V., Selections from the Michell Endowment.
1984     The International Art Fair, Basle, Switzerland. “Art 15 ‘85”.
1985     Gallery Artists, Gerstman-A.Fine Art Int., Cologne,Germany.Oz Drawing Now, Curated: A. McIntyre, H. Contm. Galleries, Sydney.
1986      Directors Choice, R.M.I.T. Gallery, Melbourne.-Selected Contemporary Drawings, Heide Park and Art Gallery. –The Figure,
The Andrew and Lillian Pederson Invitation-Drawing Prize, Queensland Art Gallery.
1988     Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
1990     Artists at Phillip at La Trobe, La Trobe University Art Gallery, Melbourne.
1992     The Nude, Heide Park & Art Gallery, Melbourne.
1994     R.M.I.T. Masters Students, Australian High Commission, Limkokwing, Kuala Lumpor
1996     Jacaranda Drawing Prize (First Prize) Grafton Regional  Gallery, Grafton,N.S.W.
1998-99 Stigma, Touring group show – Chris Barry, Godwin Bradbeer, Warren Breninger, Dean Home, Bernhard Sachs.⁃UTS Gallery,
University of Tech. of Sydney⁃Drill Hall, Canberra⁃Flinders Art Museum, Ad.⁃Bendigo Reg.Gallery⁃Latrobe Regional Gallery
1998      RMIT Artists, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong.-The Dobell Drawing Prize, (First Prize) Art Gallery of New South Wales.-
The Dobell Drawing Prize Exhibition (Touring), The George Adams Gallery, Victorian Arts Center, Melbourne
1999     The Dobell Drawing Prize Exhibition, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.-Exposures, Linden Gallery, Melbourne.-Works on
, Contemporary Australian Artists from RMIT. College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea-Australian Paper
Art Awards
, George Adams Gallery, Victorian Arts Center, and touring Canberra, Sydney and Perth.-
Kedumba Invitation Drawing Award, N.S.W.-The Fabric of Labour, B. Galleries Melbourne.
2000     The Dobell Drawing Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales.-Identities, La Trobe University, Bendigo.
2001      Liberty, RMIT Storey Hall Gallery, Melbourne.-The Male Nude – A Private View, Charles Nodrum Gallery , Melbourne.
2002     The Dobell Drawing Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales.-RMIT Samyung Faculty Exchange Exhibition, Samyung University,
Seoul, Korea.-Recent Aquisitions, Australian National Gallery., Canberra.-First Birthday Exhibition, Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne. 
2003      Sex and Death, Stephen McLoughlin Gallery, Melbourne.-The Dobell Drawing Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales.-Reunion,
The Art of Sixteen Graduates, George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne.-Reclaiming the Mainstream, Art and Humanist
 Ideals, Curated by Bill Kelly. Counihan Gallery,Melbourne.-Love Letter to China, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, College of Fine Art,
Sydney,-Touring Xian and Beijing China.-Works on Paper,  Annandale Galleries, Sydney.
2004      Works on Paper,  John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong.-Male Order,  Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. N.S.W.-The Fifth Australian Drawing
, The Drill Hall, Australian National University, Canberra.-Gong- ju International Festival of Arts, Gong – ju Art Museum,
Gong – ju, Korea.-The Dobell Prize for Drawing, Art Gallery of N.S.W.-The Melbourne Art Fair, John Batten Gallery (H. Kong), 
2005      The Dobell Prize for Drawing’ Art Gallery of NSW.
2006      19 Australian Artists , Curated Robert Godfrey., Elizabeth Holden Gallery, Warren Wilson College, Asheville, North Carolina, USA-
Crisis,Catharsis and Contemplation Curated by David Rastus. St Patricks Cathedral, Melbourne.-Float Curated by Louiseanne
Zahra, Project Space, RMIT Melbourne.-Between Longitude 18’ 63” Dongduk Gallery, Insadon, Seoul, Korea.-he Dobell Prize for
Art Gallery of New S.Wales, Sydney.-The J.Drawing Prize, Grafton R.Gallery and touring regional galleries  NSW
2007      Australian and International Works on Paper, James Makin Gallery, Melbourne.-Bodies and Minds, Charles N.Gallery, Melbourne.
2008      Rolled Up/Rolled Out, Curated Irene Barberis, School of Art Gallery, RMIT University, Melbourne.-The Dobell Prize for Drawing, Art
Gallery of New South Wales. –The Naked and the Nude’ Ballarat Art Gallery, Curated by Elizabeth Cross, Ballarat,Victoria 
2009     ‘Seven Suns Seven Moons’ 45 Downstairs, Melbourne-James Makin Gallery’ James Makin Gallery –Drawing of the World/World of
Museum of Art. Seoul National University
2010     ‘Drawing of the World/ The World of Drawing’  RMIT Prj. Space Melbourne-‘Contp. Australian Drawing’ RMIT Gallery, Melbourne.
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2013      What It Means To Be Human, Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia-Contemporary Australian Drawing, Curator: I.Barberis,
 New York Studio School, New  York –Godwin Bradbeer, Project Space, James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
2014      The Nude, Benalla Regional Gallery, Victoria-Melbourne Art Fair, James Makin Gallery, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne –
Artists Books 1, MARS Gallery, Curators: Amanda Camp and Andy Dynan, Melbourne-Locations, Small works on paper.
Irene Barberis, Langford 120 Melbourne & Dubai.
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2017       Contemporary Australian Drawing, Curated Irene Barberis, Langford 120 Gallery, Melbourne.-Sydney Contemporary,
Carriageworks, Sydney. Represented by James Makin Gallery.-Jeonnam International Sumuk pre-Biennale, Curator;
Seung- mi Lee, Mokpo, South Korea.
2018       When Continents Meet-2, La Capitale Galerie, Paris

Essendon City Council Painting Prize Acquisitive (First Prize), 1976
Visual Arts Board Grant 1982.
Dominique Segan Castlemaine State Drawing Prize (First Prize).1991
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The Dobell Drawing Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 
First Prize: 1998. Finalist; 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. 2008. 2011, 2012.
Australian Paper Art Awards (Acquisitive award), 1999.
GIAF Award, Gong – ju Art Museum, Gong – ju, Korea (Acquisitive award) 2004

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A Replicator Production made at Monash Gallery of Art (On Kanopy) 2013 (Vimeo). G.B. /2018

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